This article¬† on the Roll website gives us some timely advice to look after ourselves as we head back to work after our summer “holiday”.

If you’re like me, the “holiday” still involved laptop with me everywhere and phone on … and me answering the question “how was your holiday?” with “I’m self-employed … I didn’t have a holiday”.

I’m working really hard to use tools like Xero and other software solutions to make things easy for myself. Xero takes most of the mindless data entry out of accounting for small businesses. There are other tools too – like Receipt Bank – which I will introduce in another post. Using these tools effectively as a small business owner gives us our time back and allows us to take real holidays as we learn to delegate to our computer and take the other good advice below …

Read more here .. 

And if you’d like to have a look at Xero for your business get in contact.

Some new year advice …

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