Thankyou Payroll is an innovative Dunedin company which provides payroll processing services online – free to charge to small businesses and not for profits because they take advantage of an Inland Revenue Department subsidy.

When I was looking for payroll software options for my practice I researched several different possibilities including desktop software and other online providers.  Thankyou Payroll is the only company providing this service for free to small businesses and not for profits.  I decided that this was too good an offer to pass up and am in the process of setting up my first client on their system.

The other motivating factor was their social conscience, and also most importantly, they are local and if I want to, I can wander into their office for a chat.

Before I started looking around, I’d been told about them, but had not heard of them before. After recent news though, I hope they get quite a bit more business their way.

Free payroll service as finalist


by Sally Rae


Otago Daily Times Online 10th February 2014


When it comes to a social business like Thankyou Payroll, every one is a winner, chief executive Lani Evans reckons.

The Dunedin-based business uses an IRD subsidy to provide small businesses and charities throughout New Zealand with a free payroll service.

Up to $5 per client pay run was also put into a charitable trust which, from next month, would distribute funds to community organisations.

”Everyone wins … there’s no down side,” Ms Evans said. … read more

Great little Dunedin company – Thankyou Payroll – gets noticed

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